are friends electric
Are Friends Electric

Punk-laced indie pop-focused and fresh, and yet familiar. A dash of David Bowie, a sprinkle of Blondie and the Beatles, the Pretenders, or Prince.

b naturals
B Naturals

The B Naturals are a four-man oldies band playing all of your favorite top hits. They cover all the greats such as The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, and many more.


The soul of Classic Rock is brought back through the music of the one-man band Brody Mullikin. Hear music from '60s-'90s played on guitar which is accompanied by his vocals. Aged 22 and from Port Orange, Brody has been playing guitar since he was 6 and singing for 5 years now.

cat 4
Cat 4

The Cat. 4 Band is a 4 Piece Band from The Daytona Beach Area playing Classic Rock & Roll, Oldies, a Little Blues, a Little Classic Country, and Lots of Fun Dance Music.


A Reggae fusion band based out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, made up of three musicians. Their music style is Reggae Fusion/ Soca/ Dancehall/ Rock Steady

chuck and matt
Chuck & Matt Duo

Two talented friends that play a wide variety of fun, timeless and popular favorites while keeping it musically professional.

southern chaos
Southern Chaos

One of the hottest Country/Southern Rock bands in North Florida! Comprised of various artists, Southern Chaos brings a collaborative sound of male and female lead vocals and harmonies (Tammie Darlene and Chris Canyon), acoustic guitar (Chris Canyon), thumping bass (Brian Murphy), solid percussion (Kevin Dougherty), and a sizzling lead guitar (Lee Tasey) making this band everything an audience could want. Southern Chaos is primarily a country cover band with songs of rock, oldies, and a few originals to be shared. This is a band that will please most audiences, for sure!

subject 2 change unplugged
Subject2Change Unplugged

Talented, seasoned musicians and a powerhouse singer bringing you the best of the best in Country, Rock, and Blues music!


ETC Duo strives to play a diverse selection of music containing classic rock, country music, and some of today's pop hits. This diversity provides something for everyone and led to the name "Et Cetera" or "ETC".

fat city
Fat City

The Fat City Band covers a wide variety of popular Rock Music from the '60s thru today, mixed with Country, R&B, Disco, and Blues.

honey moonshine
Honey Moonshine

Honey Moonshine is a high energy drum/guitar acoustic duo from the Daytona Beach, Florida area featuring Tim Fauvelle on drums/cajon and Eileen Iseneker on guitar. Performing unique arrangements of classic rock songs and originals with tightly woven harmonies, Honey Moonshine puts on a show that appeals to all ages

horsin around
Horsin' Around Duo

Jack & Richard! Dueling your favorite tunes on the tiki stage! Jack brings soulful vocals and keyboard arrangements while Richard is one of the most solid guitarists around with years of experience, variety, and notoriety playing for stars like Chris Ledoux and many others!

jc and rob
JC & RoB

Featuring acoustic renditions of classic favorites ranging from the '70s to current

The Band 4play
The Band 4Play

Coast to Coast Everyone needs a little 4Play

Jim C
Jim Chevalier

Classic Rock, Beatles, Eagles, America, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Matchbox 20 etc

Jimmy Z
Jimmy Z

Jimmy has been performing all around the Daytona Beach area for over ten years as part of various acoustic duos and performing solo. Playing a blend of Classic Rock from Petty, Mellencamp, Clapton, Stones, and much more!

jon magill
Jon Magill

His vocal sound is a mix of all of his musical life experiences and influences but his tone is distinctively unique; bluesy and raspy...resembling a blend of Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Don Henley, Chris Ledoux and Garth Brooks all rolled into one.

resting beach face
Resting Beach Face

Resting Beach Face is a professional (beach-loving) acoustic duo from Volusia County, that performs a vast range of fun, memorable hits from yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Jimmy and David love to perform unexpected songs that bring back memories and also serve as the soundtrack of life. The boys are both life-long musicians and have performed in many bands and at famous venues. In 2019, they instantly bonded over their love of music and newfound friendship, and the rest is history yet to be performed.

rocket city
Rocket City

Fronted by neo-soul recording artist, Christine B., the band delivers music from the retro era, (such as '60s-'00s), to original and current radio hits. Making the Audience a part of the show. Creators of the infamous, "Soul Improv," where the band makes up a whole song on the spot, revolving around only two words selected from the audience!


Soul, R&B, Funk, and more…


TMI Acoustic Duo is a duet comprised of two Florida natives that also happen to front the Southern Chaos Band. TMI offers a blend of female and male lead vocals with rich harmonies certain to please any crowd, young and old, with a variety of country, rock, and older tunes. They look forward to seeing you at their shows!

Donny Rox

Classic Rock, Beatles, Eagles, America, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Matchbox 20, etc

Shift N Gears

Genre: Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, and Motown


A piratical partying pair! Jim Lowman and Guy George play everything from reggae to rock while bringing fun to every occasion. Get on board and let the good times roll!

Sean Ghannam

Sean Ghannam has consistently performed at Caribbean Jack's since 2007 with local favorite acts: Sonic Playground, The CJ's All-Star Band with Chip Brock, and The CJ's House Party Band. Sean and Co. Sean can play practically any style of music including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Reggae, Latin, Disco, and any other style you can imagine!

Fire Lake

Robert Keele- Guitar & Lead Vocals; Brent Clowers- Keyboards, Sax & backup vocals; Jonny Croce- Bass guitar and backup vocals; Jim Johnston- Lead guitar and backup vocals; David Jacks- Drums and backup vocals; Eddie Corns- Drums
Their influences are mostly Bob Seger, Allman Bros, and David Bowie, but they also perform many other bands' music including Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Elvis, and many more.

Chip Brock

Talented, Witty, and darn good looking! Playing lite rock and country hits from the '60s to the '90s. Come join me at Caribbean Jacks where It is always my pleasure to provide fine acoustic music and a few laughs for your evening out. You WILL be singing along... I guarantee it! See ya soon. Peace

The Burgh Brothers

Just a group of guys from "The Burgh" with music as a common bond, that's "The Burgh Brothers Band". 4 experienced musicians that all sing with a song list that is extensive and covers many decades and genres of great music! You can catch The Burgh Brothers Band playing venues along Florida's east coast from St Augustine to New Smyrna.

Diego & Company
Diego & Company

A four-piece local band playing Classic Rock, Blues, and Country. Instruments are Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, and Harmonica. Two and three-part vocal harmonies, and all four share in lead vocals.

Shenanigans Duo

A Tropical/Buffett/Classic Rock Duo.

Easy Street

Blues, Rock, Country, Soul with
that infectious Easy street groove

Brothers Within
Brothers Within

"Brothers Within is a Reggae band out of Daytona Beach Shores FL. Inspired by their favorite bands, fueled by concerts, and driven by the offbeat music and vibe only reggae can deliver, these four quickly realized that their passion was bringing that same vibe home and incorporating it into their daily lives. Brothers Within brings a lasting impression everywhere they go and with their original music finally released they truly are a testimony to their hard work and dedication."

Black Velvet
Black Velvet

"Black Velvet Duo Plays Quality, Variety Music! A Little Something for Everyone!"

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